Patient Apparel

Patient Apparel

United Hospital Services offers a variety of types and designs of medical gowns to meet patient apparel needs.


  • Patient Gowns: Basic patient gown with a generous fit and overlapping back ties for modesty.
  • IV Patient Gowns: Basic patient gown with snap sleeves for easy access to an IV and a telemetry pocket with back slit for telemetry wires. 
  • Magna Patient and Magna IV Gown: 10 XL gown to accommodate larger patients. Magna IV gown has snap sleeves and the telemetry pocket with back slit for telemetry wires.

Specialty Gowns and Apparel

  • Mammography Cape: Wrap around style waist length with ties for easy frontal access. 
  • Mammo Exam Gown: Robe style gown with delicate print and easy frontal access.
  • Mother’s Gown: Delicate printed gown designed for breast feeding.
  • Bath Robe: Printed unisex robe 
  • PJ Pants: Two sizes XL and 4XL, with string tie waist to accommodate a variety of sizes.
  • Ortho Shorts: Designed specifically with snap access to the leg panels, string tie waist for accommodating a variety of sizes.
  • Isolation Gown (Precaution Gown): Fabric is 100% polyester, yellow in color and AAMI Level ll compliant (each gown is inspected and grid marked per washing up to 75 laundering cycles). 

Baby Linen

  • Receiving Blankets: United Hospital Services offers three selections of baby blankets from basic to candy stripe to our VIP line of blanket.    
  • Baby shirts: Two styles are offered: one in the mitten-cuff design with the overlapping snap front and the other with a short-sleeve pullover design.   
  • Diapers: 100% soft cotton construction designed for a variety of uses.
  • Bassinet Sheets & Pads: Provided to cover the bassinets.
  • Crib sheets: Soft-fitted crib sheets in knit-fitted material to fit a variety of crib sizes. 
  • Infant Gowns: Multiple unisex patterns with stretch elastic on the bottom.
  • Baby Sleepers:  Long-sleeve sleeper with feet and a zipper front are available in medium and large sizes.

Pediatric Linen

  • Pediatric PJ Tops & Pants: Pediatric PJ tops have short sleeves and a snap front. The pediatric PJ pants have an elastic waist. They come in small, medium and large sizes and are color coded by size for easy selection.
  • Pediatric Gowns & Pediatric IV Gowns: Color coded by size and offered in a basic gown with a back tie and also in an IV version with snap sleeves. Three sizes are available: small, medium and large.
  • Pediatric Teen Gown: A larger version of the pediatric gown for patients that are too large for the pediatric line, but not large enough for adult items.  
  • Pediatric Gown Tween: The tween gown is an offering for larger pediatric patients that is in-between the teen gown and adult patient gown.

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