UHS Colored Bag System

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UHS Bag System

We have created the UHS Colored Bag System to ensure ease of use. Read on to learn more. 

Greens Bag Items

Green Bags are for customer Owned Goods.
Restraints, Cubicle Curtains, Slings.
1. Place items in the green bag.
2. Fill out the form and keep the pink form for your records.
3. Place the remaining forms in the bag. You can also staple the forms to the outside of the bag. 

Orange Bag Items

Orange bags are for clean and rejected linen.
Holes, Stains, Tape.
1. Place clean rejected linen in the orange bag.
2. Write your facilities name on the bag with a black sharpie.
3. Put orange bag in a soil cart returning to UHS 

Purple Bag Items

Purple Bags are for linens that has been exposed to Chemotherapy, bed bugs, scabies, and lice.
1. Place items in your soil bag and then place ” Tied ” bag inside the purple bag
2. Place bag in a soill cart returning to UHS

Brown Bag Items

Brown Bags are used to send soiled VIP linen back to UHS. 

White, Blue, Gray, & Clear Bag Items

White, Blue, Grey, Clear are used to place soiled linens to be return back to UHS.

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What People Say About UHS

"It has been a pleasure dealing with the United Hospital Services team. We have collaboratively worked to find solutions to our institution’s unique needs. I have had excellent response to questions and concerns, as well as many suggestions to allow us to be as efficient as possible. I value the expertise that the United Hospital Services team has, and I appreciate the input they seek from me as a customer. I look forward to working closely with this well-organized and professional team."


- The Indiana Heart Hospital

“I wanted to thank you for the job that you…did with the Linen Awareness Day here at Morgan Hospital and Medical Center. The staff felt that the information was very interesting and well organized. I believe that the information on how much is wasted or destroyed was an eye opener for much of our staff.”

– Drew Salamone, Director of Housekeeping, Morgan Hospital and Medical Center

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Are you one that is cleaning and distributing your linens in-house? If so you need to know the risks: The high cost. The lack of accountability. The inefficiencies and much more. 

Does your facility meet OSHA standards or guidelines for processing linens? Does your laundry equipment offer consistent quality for your customers? Do you know your cost and are you running at full efficiency? If not, it may be time for you to look at a company that does. United Hospital will show you why you should not be cleaning or distributing your own linen and educating you on the importance of this. Contact us today to get more details.

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