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Product Category: Clinic | Hospital
United Hospital Services provides a full range of walk-off mats, wet and dry mops, microfiber mops, frames and handles that help keep your facility safe and  reduce cleaning costs.
720Wet Mop - Small Yellow Band
721Wet Mop - Medium Green Band
722Wet Mop - Large Red Band
729Dry Mop - 12"
730Dry Mop - 18"
731Dry Mop - 24"
732Dry Mop - 36"
733Dry Mop - 48"
736Blue Pocket Microfiber Pocket 18"
744Microfiber Mop - Velcro - 19"
750Microfiber Cloth - Multi

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Protect your staff with high quality, hygienically clean scrubs, warm-up jackets and lab coats.


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Since 1964, United Hospital Services has provided reliable, high-quality medical linen and services to healthcare customers across Central Indiana. As a cooperative laundry owned by hospital systems throughout Indiana, United Hospital Services only serves healthcare accounts — linen that comes through our facility is not washed alongside hotel linens or restaurant linens.

United Hospital Services is one of the few Indiana laundries accredited by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC). In fact, United Hospital Services was the second laundry in the country and the first cooperative to earn HLAC accreditation.

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