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United Hospital Services has been at the forefront of developing packs for hospitals and surgery centers for many years. We offer a variety of packs that fit most customers’ needs, but also offer a customized pack program to fit your unique needs.

500Pre-inspected Surgery Towel
506Pre-inspected Small Mayo Cover (pk qty 10)
509Pre-inspected Mega Shield Mayo (pk qty 10)
510Pre-inspected wrapper 12x12 (pk qty 10)
512Pre-inspected wrapper 18x18 (pk qty 10)
516Pre-inspected wrapper 24x24 (pk qty 10)
518Pre-inspected wrapper 36x36 (pk qty 10)
520Pre-inspected wrapper 45x45 (pk qty 10)
522Pre-inspected wrapper 54x54 (pk qty 10)
523Pre-inspected wrapper 54x72 (pk qty 5)
525Pre-inspected Back Table Cover (pk qty 5)
526Pre-inspected Surgeon Gown Gore-lex 2XL (pk qty 5)
527Pre-inspected Surgeon Gown Gore-tex XL (pk qty 5
528Pre-inspected Surgeon Gown Micro - XL (pk qty 5)
571Pre-inspected Minor Procedure Drape (pk qty 10)
572Pre-inspected Eye Drape - E (pk qty 10)
574Pre-inspected Leggins - L (pk qty 10)
601Major Pack
602(8) Towel Pack
604(1) Gown Pack
604D(1) Gown Pack
605( 1) Gown - Goretex - 2XL Pack
605D(1) Gown - Goretex - 2XL Pack
606(3) Gown Pack
606D(3) Gown Pack
608(5) Gown Pack
609D(30) Surgery Towel Pack
610(4) Surgery Towel Pack
610D(4) Surgery Towel Pack
611(5) Gown - Goretex-XL Pack
612Large Table Sheet Pack
612DLarge Table Sheet Pack
613( 1) Gown - Goretex - XL Pack
613D( 1) Gown - Goretex - XL Pack
614Small Mayo Cover Pack
615(2) Surgery Towel Pack
615D(2) Surgery Towel Pack
616DLap Cardio - A Pack
619(10) Surgery Towel Pack
619D(10) Surgery Towel Pack
621Major Pack
624DNeuro/Nasal - N Pack
625Minor Pack
626Med Drape Pack
629DHalf Sheet Pack
631DBump Pack
654DOrtho Pack
657DReceiving Blanket Pack
660X-Ray Pack
661OB Pack
662Overhead Table Cover Pack
663DArteriogram Sheet Pack
664Back Table Cover Pack
687Bath Towel Pack
688DBath Set Pack
689DBurn Sheet Pack
690DBurn Pillow Case Pack

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Protect your staff with high quality, hygienically clean scrubs, warm-up jackets and lab coats.


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Since 1964, United Hospital Services has provided reliable, high-quality medical linen and services to healthcare customers across Central Indiana. As a cooperative laundry owned by hospital systems throughout Indiana, United Hospital Services only serves healthcare accounts — linen that comes through our facility is not washed alongside hotel linens or restaurant linens.

United Hospital Services is one of the few Indiana laundries accredited by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC). In fact, United Hospital Services was the second laundry in the country and the first cooperative to earn HLAC accreditation.

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