The UHS Advantage

Safety, Clean and Sustainability

UHS Advantage

UHS provides laundry services that meet the healthcare industry’s highest standards. We give clients the textiles they need, and peace of mind that the linens they receive are hygienically clean and the environmentally preferred option to disposable, single-use items.

Focus on Safety and Infection Control

Keen and constant attention to safety — for our employees, clients and their patients.

  • Constant monitoring for bacterial load on any surfaces that clean linen touches (in the laundry plant and during the delivery process).
  • Employees wear protective apparel when handling incoming soiled linen.
  • Client education to ensure proper linen handling and storage at the hospital, clinic or nursing home.
  • Bacteriostats added to wash formulas provide extra assurance that textiles are hygienically clean.

Provider of Quality Hygienically Clean Textiles

  • Accredited by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC). www.hlacnet.org
  • Focus on processing excellence ensures clients receive hygienically clean healthcare linen and uniforms. Regular inspections take place at each step in cleaning and processing textiles.
    • Wash formulas tested for efficacy.
    • Hands-on quality inspection for tears and stains.
    • Specialized testing to ensure protective apparel and surgical textiles and garments meet strict standards for barrier protection.
    • High-soil items such as lab coats and cubicle curtains are barcoded to track and monitor due dates for cleaning.
    • Periodic testing of textiles by an independent lab helps ensure quality processes are working.

Environmentally Smart Choice

  • UHS provides a reusable product. Textiles and uniforms are laundered, delivered to clients and then picked up after use before the cleaning process begins again.  This keeps hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste from disposable alternatives out of Indiana landfills.
  • Research studies on the environmental sustainability of reusable textiles versus disposable, single-use items have all given the advantage to reusables. Clients interested in reducing their carbon footprint choose reusable textiles in the emergency department, operating theater and whenever possible.
  • We have invested in cost saving and environmentaly friendly distribution techniques such as the use of a double decker trailer distributing linen from our Indianapolis plant to our outlying distribution centers within the state.

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What People Say About UHS

All your staff did a wonderful job assisting us; please recognize them for all their efforts. We greatly appreciate everything they did to ensure we had the linen we needed. Their extra efforts didn’t go unnoticed and words cannot express how much we truly appreciate the way they worked as a team. Hauling those carts all the way to the ER and having to load the truck one cart at a time is not an easy task! You should be very proud of them and the customer service they provided yesterday!


 - Methodist Hospital

"It has been a pleasure dealing with the United Hospital Services team. We have collaboratively worked to find solutions to our institution’s unique needs. I have had excellent response to questions and concerns, as well as many suggestions to allow us to be as efficient as possible. I value the expertise that the United Hospital Services team has, and I appreciate the input they seek from me as a customer. I look forward to working closely with this well-organized and professional team."


- The Indiana Heart Hospital

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Are you one that is cleaning and distributing your linens in-house? If so you need to know the risks: The high cost. The lack of accountability. The inefficiencies and much more.

Does your facility meet OSHA standards or guidelines for processing linens? Does your laundry equipment offer consistent quality for your customers? Do you know your cost and are you running at full efficiency? If not, it may be time for you to look at a company that does. United Hospital will show you why you should not be cleaning or distributing your own linen and educating you on the importance of this. Contact us today to get more details.

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