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Tend to laundry machines, process linen from soil to clean and make ready for shipment to area hospitals and hospital satellites by performing the following duties.


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What People Say About UHS

I really appreciated the tour of your facility and the education on how you process your scrubs and patient apparel. I have been to quite a few laundry facilities and I can truly say that you have one of the cleanest and most organized laundries that I have ever seen.

– Textile Sales Medline

"We really appreciate the good service we receive from you and all your team! It is so easy to get things done.."

- Indiana University Health- Bedford Regional Medical Center 

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Are you one that is cleaning and distributing your linens in-house? If so you need to know the risks: The high cost. The lack of accountability. The inefficiencies and much more. 

Does your facility meet OSHA standards or guidelines for processing linens? Does your laundry equipment offer consistent quality for your customers? Do you know your cost and are you running at full efficiency? If not, it may be time for you to look at a company that does. United Hospital will show you why you should not be cleaning or distributing your own linen and educating you on the importance of this. Contact us today to get more details.

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